Why Choose War-Sec?

WAR-SEC Security Advantages

Industry Experience

With almost three decades of healthcare security and experience, War-Sec truly understands the unique challenges of providing a safe and secure healing environment for customers and clients

Healthcare Expertise

War-Sec Security is not only well versed in healthcare security, safety and emergency management solutions, but is also a significant contributor to best practices in the industry 

Value Added Service

By analyzing each client's specific issues, War-Sec creates value added services by identifying potential inefficiencies and addressing them with reasonable and cost effective solutions

Accreditation & Regulatory Issues

From Joint Commission standards to the CMMS Conditions of Participation to OSHA guidelines, War-Sec is ready to assist organizations in resolving their regulatory issues

Networking & Partnerships

War-Sec has the advantage of having worked with a wide spectrum of law enforcement and security agencies , developing broad networks of subject matter experts to assist with any issue

Innovative & Customized Solutions

When no tool or process exists regarding a specific issue, War-Sec Security can create one through research and development of a number of best practices, many of which we have created