How I Can Help

Security Assessments & System Design

War-Sec Security can provide a thorough review of an organization's existing security state of readiness and compare it against industry best practices and regulatory requirements to help meet and exceed the safety and security needs in a reasonable and cost effective manner. Assessments can include  physical security countermeasures (CCTV, alarm systems, lighting), security force staffing and training, current policies and procedures and application of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CTPED) principles to enhance the security of a department, facility or campus based upon proven methodologies.

Training Programs & Policy Creation

One of the most cost effective and lasting impacts that an organization can have regarding the security and safety of its clients is by educating staff on what their role is during an event. Through the creation of tailored policies and procedures with the support of staff training, the security culture of an organization can be dramatically increased while empowering its employees to take personal responsibility for their own safety as well as the safety of their customers. Workplace violence detection and prevention, response to active violence events and customized educational programs for healthcare workers are just a few examples of how War-Sec can provide a positive impact and be a business enabler for your organization.

Accreditation & Regulatory Compliance

War-Sec Security specializes in the healthcare industry and is well versed in all applicable safety and security regulations from a wide variety of sources that may impact an organization's ability to provide quality patient care. Thanks to decades of experience in the industry as both a practitioner and subject matter expert, War-Sec's chief consultant, Bryan Warren, has contributed much to the professional body of knowledge in the healthcare security field and has helped to create many of the best practices and bench-marking tools used in the industry today.