WarSec Black Crop.jpg

The WarSec Insignia

In designing WarSec Security's insignia, I spent much time on research and trying to describe what best represents my philosophy regarding the security and safety of patients and their caregivers in the healthcare industry. 

The shield is for defense and the wings depict the speed at which it is often needed. The black swan illustrates an unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences (based upon Nassim Nicholas Taleb's theory) and it faces left to show a proactive rather than reactive approach (in other words, "left of boom").

The downward dagger is for protection, the caduceus for healing and the crescent moon is actually not a moon at all but a gorget, a defensive article of clothing worn about the neck to protect vital areas from attack. 

The phrase "Suaviter in Modo, Fortiter in Re" roughly translates to "Gentle in Manner yet Resolute in Action". In other words, doing what needs to be done in the most inoffensive manner possible. I feel that this best describes my approach to protecting others that they may heal. After all, the word Hospital is derived from Hospitality, the benevolent treatment and safe passage for all guests or strangers.